What if. . .


what if. . .

When you were here, and I stuck there.

what if.

California had been Lejeune. Norfolk had been Okinawa.

what if.

The music would’ve changed. the lights would’ve come on. the night would’ve ended.

what if.

A seven had been a nine. a pen was out of ink.

what if.

The answering machine had broke. a call was screened.

what if.

You could’ve.

I should’ve.

We didn’t.

and. . .

what if.

I had quit. you had quit. we had quit.

what if.

A son had been a daughter. a daughter had been a son. he heard. she heard. Cleveland had been San Francisco.

what if.

You held a grudge. expected something different. I had given up.

what if.

We could’ve. we should’ve. but we didn’t.

But, what if.

You weren’t here with me, and I was there without you.

what if.

Decades before and after all the what if’s we had said

what if?

what if.

We were destined to be. even if. even though. even always.

Happy Anniversary.


More here http://www.facebook.com/mybattlecall


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