What Dogs Can Teach Us

Three years ago after my family’s full-court-press begging and pleading, we adopted our pup.

And she was worth the wait.

Our dog has taught us:

Love is unconditional. And bonding is important.

Family members require time and attention.

Go outside every chance you get. Walk, fetch, play.

Find a sunny spot, plop down, and chill.

Trust is built on consistency and predictability.

Nap when you can.

Never skip a meal. Enjoy each bite like it’s your last.


Keep your water dish full. Splash.

Every time someone enters your home, give them a warm welcome. But…

Trust your instincts. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

Show excitement and be grateful for every new toy.

If you want a good spot on the bed, settle-in quickly, then play dead.

Take care of those who can’t take care of themselves.

Pick up after your mess.

Every walk is the best walk when you are with the people you love. Stop and smell the flowers.

If you leave your shoes and socks out, they may disappear. So, pick up.

Learning a new trick takes patience and repetition.

Correct poor behavior and move on. Forgive fast.

Peanut butter is life.

Greet your loved ones with unabashed enthusiasm. Show them you care.

And, always love each other, fleas and all.

Don’t Go!

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