How to teach kids kindness


To teach our kids kindness and to be includers:

Encourage them to seek out the new kid and introduce themselves.

Explain how it is awesome to have a circle of friends but excruciating to be on the outside of it.

When their light shines, teach them that including others in that glow is kind. Leaving others in the shadows. . . is not.

Don’t exclude anyone from a game at recess. Includers become future leaders.

Invite the kid sitting alone at lunch to join you and introduce them to others.

Be grateful if you are lucky enough to have at least one friend in your class. Always offer friendship to someone who wasn’t as lucky.

Ganging up on someone is wrong. And if it’s two against one, it really crosses the line.

Walk away from drama; Stand up for others whose voices may be softer; Never be indifferent.

Try to work out the small stuff. Kids make mistakes. Forgive.

Kindness rules. Lead with it.

Teachers will be in charge of teaching math, science, reading, writing, etc.

But. . .

It is a parent’s job to teach them to be GOOD humans.



More here!

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