The Club Of Fatherless Kids


It’s a club you don’t feel lucky to join. Your dad died. Even worse~When you were young. And so was he.

For those of us in such group, Father’s Day is a reminder of what we miss. Wish. Long for. I wish mine was here today. The brunch. The cards. Another bad tie.

To all the kids who have lost their fathers before their time: be still and know. We belong to a club. Outsiders may think (or judge) that you should be over it. Yet, part of belonging to this club, keeps your heart longing and sprinkled with grief.  Because, to be admitted, your heart has been broken.

In time, the ache gently fades. The pain will lessen. But…

It hurts. Again.

If you were blessed to have a good one, it’ll sting that much more. But some say it’s better to have loved and been loved than to never have loved at all? (Pfttt!) Perhaps.

I’ll let that one marinate.

Only still, today, my heart will ache a little. I had. I lost. A great DAD.



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