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Roses are Red 

God gave us memories so we might have roses in December.”

Isn’t life grand. A single red rose amongst the sea of others. This is the 3rd year one has grown off the same stem. Only; this year when it bloomed it occurred to me that we will not cut it and bring it to our favorite teacher on appreciation day. She loved red. She loved flowers.

Time passes.  And then. Reminders. We won’t be sharing life’s moments with our friend anymore.

Grief has a funny way of yanking you back into reality.  When someone who was part of your everyday world dies, it’s hard to comprehend~she is gone from this earth.

Something funny or special happens and the urge to share it arises. But then ~reality strikes.

I know someday the denial will fade and acceptance will set in. Because the space between is hard. But, letting go seems even harder.

There’s stages of grief and each person experiences it in their own, unique way.   Yet, there’s little comfort knowing time will help heal.  Because I don’t want to move on. I want her back.

Truth is, though, you gotta keep moving. Can’t go around it. Can’t go over it. Can’t go backwards. You just gotta keep moving through it.

Today, however;  I don’t want to move forward.  I just want to share the single, red rose.


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