A Boy Named Sue

He was named before he ever entered this world. It only took my husband, Chris, 7 months to wear me down and convince me that naming our baby boy Battle was going to set him up for greatness.

Think about it… “Battle on the Tackle,” the announcer would shout…

I was eventually convinced that, like the Johnny Cash song, “A Boy Named Sue,” you gotta give a boy a name he can live up to.


Little did we know the battle that would lie ahead for this kid.

Being born deaf was just a small part of it. Being an out of sync child is where we fought the real war. When your body perceives it’s environment as itchy or chaotic or too loud or isolating~ Navigating your space on and in this world is challenging. Every. damn. day.

Thank the Lord for advice given to us early on, from a wise therapist who was an expert working with children with hearing loss who shared these challenges. It proved to be invaluable.

He encouraged us to set the bar high for our child; Measure him against all peers, his hearing peers rather than only those who are deaf; Keep raising our expectations.

He. Will. Rise.

Today, he has battled his way to being a caring, empathetic friend, and a straight-A student with an insatiable love of learning. A passionate, full-throttle, effort-obsessed athlete, you can bet the kid leaves it all on the field, court, track. 
While we keep nudging the bar higher, he continues to reach, meet and exceed it.

Way to go, Sue!

And Happy 12th Birthday ❤️

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